-Ezra is in Ravenswood and trying to locate Aria and the Liars.

-Caleb is taking a bus that looks like it's from the 1950s to Ravenswood.

-A mysterious girl shows up on the bus and wants to chat Caleb up. She's an orphan, and just became aware of an uncle in Ravenswood.

-The girls, despite the old psychic's advice, are still looking for Alison.

-Ezra is wearing a creepy 1940s gas mask suit.

-There's a guy other than Ezra wearing a WWII uniform. Spencer predicts he's board shorts.

-Hanna is infatuated with little blond twins that keep appearing everywhere she goes. Could this be a hat tip to the books?

-Old psychic lady tells Emily that they need to jet from the party, but I doubt the Liars will buy into that.

Tonight we experience the first night of battle rounds in the fifth season of The Voice. In my opinion, this is one of the most exciting parts of the competition because the singers duel each other on the same tune, and then their coach picks which one did it better. If both singers are phenomenal, then another coach can steal "the loser". It's exciting, and always a night full of regret.

When season two of Showtime's CIA caper "Homeland" ended the audience was riddled with questions. Where will Brody go while he's on the lam? Will Carrie get caught and arrested for harboring a suspect? How will Saul reassemble a decimated CIA as acting director? If Brody didn't kill 219 people at the Pentagon with a bomb inside his SUV, who did? When season three premiered last week, these were the questions viewers wanted answered.

Where we left off in season 4:

Elena picked Damon over Stefan when her emotions finally resurfaced. Bonnie sacrificed herself to the goddesses so that Jeremy could come back to life. Matt let himself be whisked away, passport in hand, by Rebekah. Silas "steals" Stefan's body, and puts the real Stefan in a locked and chained chest and dumps it into a vast body of water.

Week 2 auditions for X Factor are in the books.  Here are some of the contestants that made it through this round and what I thought.

·         AKNU:  They are a group of brothers that remind me very much of the old time Motown groups.  They have a very hip new appeal feel to them while still making me get some of that retro vibe of that time.  These guys can also sing like those groups did.

Original judges commence tonight - we lose Usher and Shakira, but gain back Cee-Lo and Xtina.  Weird opening of a pre-recorded performance of "I Love Rock and Roll" by the judges. Christina could've toned it down with the growling and booty shaking. I miss Usher and his constant position of having one leg propped up. No one will even come close to how he swooned contestants last year. First pick up for team Cee-Lo: Kat Robichaud. A rock and roll girl who loves Bowie and Queen.


I sat in my room last night right after the final scene of Dexter and just stared back at the screen for a little while.  I must have even looked a little like Dexter.  I expected there to be a little more drama in the end I think.  It is true that Deb Morgan dies in the end, but not before having a last moment with Dexter.  I have always thought that Dexter’s end could only go three ways.

Thoughts on this season's judges:

Simon Cowell:   Simon is once again back on the show as the lead judge.  He will as always bring his years of experience in the industry to the show and help these up and comers understand what they need to do to be successful.  I love to see Simon's facial expressions when someone is great and he realizes that this could be a huge money maker for him. You can literally see it in his face.  Demi Lovato:   I don't know how I got here, but I'm a fan of Demi.

Contains Spoilers.

With only three episodes left in the series, Dexter is once again in a fight to be 

part of a family.  Dexter decides that he wants to move to Argentina with Harrison and 

Hannah and start a new life together.  It’s good timing as well since he has figured out 

that the person that killed Zach was a familial match to Dr. Vogel and the real Brain 

Surgeon.  As it happens it is also Dr. Vogel’s real son who Dexter didn’t know about 

until now.

What we know:

-"If she goes free, you'll hear from me. Kisses, A" - Mrs. Marin continues to be the Liar mom that suffers the most.

-Travis is a stand up guy.

-Mrs. Marin really trusts Caleb.

-Emily is the only Liar that's totally honest with her significant other about A.

-"We can't win the game if we don't know what it is." Spencer is getting seriously competitive.

-Spencer went to performing arts camp and used to do magic.